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Zeiss Universal

Carl Zeiss DIC II Slider for Universal PhotoMicroscope


Zeiss Microscope Universal Filter Mechanism Excellent !


Zeiss Universal Microscope Binocular Head 473012-9902 / 47 30 12-9902


Zeiss Flip Top Substage Condenser 0.9 NA Universal, Photo microscope


Zeiss Universal Microscope Filter Holder w/ Filters for Special Illuminator Base


Zeiss Microscope Universal Epi / Vertical Illumination Aperture Diaphragm Insert


Zeiss Universal Microscope Condenser Filter Swing Out Stage


Zeiss Universal PhotoMicroscope Lamp House Adapter Port Tube OEM Illuminator


Zeiss Universal Microscope, w/ InKo DIC Condenser, 4 Zeiss Objectives, DIC




Zeiss Universal S3B X-Y2 Modified Neuro / Spine Surgical Microscope Stand


Zeiss Photomic / Universal / Ultraphot Nosepiece


Zeiss Quintupe Nosepiece for Universal, Photo Microscope


Carl Zeiss Universal Microscope with Phase Objectives and mag changer.


Carl Zeiss Axiovert Universal Binocular Microscope Head No Eyepieces


Leitz Zeiss Microscope Universal Photomicroscope WL Stage Carrier Holder Clamp


Zeiss Universal & Standard Microscope 1.3 Brightfield NA Tip-Out Condenser


Zeiss Intermediate Tube Magnifier Optovar 1.25X Fixed Universal PM3


Zeiss Optovar for Older Universal Microscope 1.25x/1.6x/2x PH "Split Dovetail"


Zeiss Microscope WL / Photomicroscope / Universal rotate Stage


Zeiss UD 160mm Universal Stage 20X Microscope Objective 462045-9901 ULWD


Carl Zeiss Photomicroscope Universal w/o camera, wood case-used- 60 day warr


Zeiss Universal Stage Specimen Holder f Immersion 1070-589 New


Zeiss Microscope Universal Photomicroscope Prism Changer Tube Head


Zeiss Insert for Vertical Illumination Universal MIcroscope & Ultraphot III




Zeiss Microscope Universal Photomicroscope Ultraphot AS IS


Zeiss Microscope Universal Photomicroscope Optovar Magnification Changer


Zeiss 47 31 57 - 9902 Quintupe Pol Nosepiece for Universal, Photo Microscope


Zeiss Universal PhotMicroscope LampHouse Adapter Port Tube OEM EPI Illuminator


Zeiss III RS 46 62 49 Fluorescence Attachment for Universal Microscope


Zeiss Heated Universal Mounting Frame 432304, NEW


Zeiss Universal Microscope Binocular Head Nice Optics 4685731


Zeiss Microscope WL / Photomicroscope / Universal field diaphragm


Zeiss Microscope Photomicroscope / Universal Binocular Head


Zeiss Universal Microscope, w/ InKo DIC Zeiss Objective Lenses


Zeiss Universal WL Condenser Carrier Holder with Flip Out Filter Holder Black OE