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Capacitor Sprague

Capacitor - 2 Mfd, 400 Vdc - Sprague Polypropylene Type 730P - 5 Pieces


2x Sprague Atom Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors 10uF 25V axial 2pieces


Sprague Axial Leaded Tantalum Capacitors 100uF 20V JAN MIL x QTY:2 !!! USA Made


Sprague capacitor 6800 uf 50v


10 pcs Sprague TVA-1339 Axial Electroyltic Capacitor 20 uf 100 VDC. NOS


Capacitors Orange Drop .01uf 1600dcwv 200 Pieces Sprague


Vintage NOS SPRAGUE Capacitor,145-175 MF @ 110-125 Volts, 60 Cy


One Sprague POWERLYTIC 36D serie Capacitor, 3900 uf, 75 VDC


Sprague Atom 20uF 500V Electrolytic Capacitor For Tube/Guitar/Hifi Amplifiers


SPRAGUE CAPACITOR .022uf 100v 10% Black Beauty Type 0.022uF AUDIO GUITAR 2 pcs


SPRAGUE .82uf 200vdc VINTAGE TONE CAPACITOR paper in oil - 2 count - NOS


3 Pack Genuine Sprague Vitamin Q Vintage Paper in Oil Capacitor 1.0µF / 100V


Sprague Atom 30uF 500V Electrolytic Capacitor For Tube/Guitar/Hifi Amplifiers


5x 5uF 25V Axial Electrolytic Sprague ATOM Capacitor 5mfd 25VDC Non-Polarized


SPRAGUE 7452L 50uF 150VDC Capacitor NOS


Sprague 632P 10uF 50V Metalized Polycarbonate Capacitor


195P22394S15 Sprague HYREL .022uF, 10%, 400V, PIO Capacitor Quanity: 1 Piece NOS


5600uf 80V SPRAGUE 68X6859 Snap-In Capacitor




4 NOS Sprague Vitamin Q Type .22 MF 400 v Glass Bead Seal Capacitors


Genuine Sprague .001uF, 200V, 10% 192P10292 Axial Capacitor (Quantity: 4 Pieces)


2x Sprague 5000uF 12V Axial Electrolytic TVA ATOM Capacitor 5000mfd 12VDC Volts


3 pcs of Sprague .0033uF 600V 105˚ Vitamin Q Axial Capacitors Made in USA 0.0033


200 Pcs Electrolytic Capacitor 100 uF 25V 20% Sprague 100 mfd


Sprague .47uF 600V Hermetically Sealed Capacitor Mil Spec M39022/01-1754 600VDC


New Sprague Atom 100uF 450V Electrolytic Capacitor For Tube/Guitar/Hifi Amplifie


Sprague 36DX Powerlytic Capacitor, 1300uF, 450VDC


NOS SPRAGUE POWERLYTIC 36D 11000uF 75VDC Large Can Capacitor


Sprague Axial Capacitor 320uF 200VDC M39018/07-00328M! Dual Lead! Qty. 10


SPRAGUE 173D107X0020YW Tantalum Aluminum Capacitor 100UF 20V 20% Axial Qty-4


3x Sprague 8uF 350V Axial Aluminum Electrolytic ATOM Capacitor 8mfd 350VDC


Vintage Capacitor Sprague 300UF 150VDC 7621L D76397 Made in USA


600 Volt Sprague Axial Electrolytic Capacitor TVA1965, 16 mfd,NOS


Sprague 4,500UF 35VDC Electrolytic Capacitor


(Lot of 5) SPRAGUE 500D 25uf 50v Electrolytic Axial Capacitor NOS 20mm x 8mm


Sprague Axial Film Capacitor .022uF 200v 118P22392S4 Audio Vitamin Q 0.022uF x4


Sprague Powerlytic Electrolytic Capacitor 2700uF 450VDC With Hardware




5X Pcs TVA-1300 Capacitor Sprague 1UF 50V 1MF Electrolytic Axial leads


Sprague 0.1 uF 500 volt Capacitor 5GA-P10 NOS




Assortment of Capacitors Various Sizes Capacitor .. RCA Sprague Russell 


2 Sprague 109D 47uF 50V 10% Wet Tantalum Capacitors


1 pc. Sprague 0.005uF 5000V Vitamin Q High Voltage Oil Capacitor American Made


New 12x. 715P .047uF 400V Sprague Radial Orange Drop Capacitors 400VDC