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Ammunition Chart

Western Ammunition Handbook Hunting 1954 Original Unused Trajectory Chart Inside


Large Poster, Reprint AMMUNITION CHART FOR 37mm GUNS M3, M5, & M6


Large Poster, Reprint Ammunition Chart for 37mm Guns, M3, M5, & M6


Original 1940's Remington Dupont Arms Ammunition Advertisement Ballistics Chart


1960 Print Ad of Imported RWS Rifle Ammunition Chart


Winchester Ammunition Handbook Fourth Edition With Trajectory Chart


Winchester Ammunition Handbook Sixth Edition With Trajectory Chart Vintage NICE!


Remington Sporting Cartridges Ammo Chart TIN SIGN Metal Vintage Gunshop Poster


Vintage WWII Trajectory Chart - Cal. 30 Ball Ammunition M1 Bullet 172 grain


1951 Winchester Ammunition Handbook W/Trajectory Chart


1950 *NEAR MINT* Winchester Ammunition Handbook With Envelope & Trajectory Chart


1943 ADVERT Peters Dupont Colt Winchester Savage Swiss Shells Ammunition Chart


Western Ammunition Handbook w/ Trajectory Chart-1954 Olin Mathieson Chemical Co.


Vintage 1952 Western Ammunition Handbook, Ballistics & Trajectory Chart, Olin


1936 PETERS Belted Bullets AMMUNITION PRINT AD w/ballistics chart


WESTERN AMMUNITION HANDBOOK 1952 Olin Industries, Illinois w/Trajectory Chart


1976 Print Ad Remington Peters Winchester Western Ammo Interchangeability Chart


Remington Sporting Cartridges ammo chart TIN SIGN metal hunt gun wall decor 1001


Winchester TIN SIGN Bullet Chart hunting Gun ammo Display vintage look metal


Winchester TIN SIGN Bullet Chart hunting ammo gun room vtg metal wall decor 942


Winchester Tin Sign Bullet Chart hunting Gun ammo vintage look metal V01


1954 Western-Ammunition Handook-Olin Industries-Bullets-Trajectory Chart


1957 Western Ammunition Handbook 22nd Edition. With Trajectory Chart Un-Used.


Vintage Johnson Automatics Military Ammunition Charts #1 & #2


Winchester Ammunition Handbook 1950 1st Trajectory Chart Pistol Rifle Shotgun


Remington Sporting Cartridges Ammo Chart & Charmer Fishing TIN SIGN Metal


1974 Print Ad of Smith & Wesson S&W Pistol Bullet Ammo Chart


1952 Western-Ammunition Handook-Olin Industries-Bullets-Trajectory Chart


Western Ammunition Handbook 1954 with Original Unused Trajectory Chart Inside


Remington Bullet Board Tin Sign Ammo Chart 16x12 vintage look reproduction metal


Sierra Poster Ammo Champions Lead Hunters Vintage Sign Bullets Chart Hunting


Oak Grove Missouri Lake City Army Ammunition Plant vintage 1976 USGS Topo chart




Artillery Ammo, Cartridge/Projectile-Fuze, Propelling Charges Combination Charts